A fishing lure is design to resemble and move like a fish. The objective is to attract predator attention so that it will attack the lure. Nowadays there few hundred design of lures in the market. But most lures can be categorised into few major types.

1. Deep Diving Lures

Deep diving lures are lures that drive deep into the waters when is being retieve. Depending the speed of retieve, if the retieving speed is fast, the lure will dive deeper. But once the lure is in stationary, it will float back to the surface.

2. Sinking Lures

Sinking lures will sink to the bottom of the water bed. These lures aim fishes that stay at the bottom of the water.

3. Surface Lures

Surface lures are lures that float on the surface of the water. They will swim on the surface when being retrieve.

4. Spoons

Spoons are metal lures shape like the top part of the spoon. They are one of the most popular fishing lures because they're easy to use and are versatile. Different design spoons have different actions. They are alot of method of retrieving method for spoon like trolling and jigging.

5. Poppers

Poppers are lures with a cupped face carved to the front of the body. These lures are very good for fishes that feed on the surface such as toman. Poppers get their name from a "pop" sound they made when they are drag across the surface.

6. Swimbait/Soft Plastic Lures

Swimbait are lures with a metal plate wrap around with a soft plastic body. Most of them have a soft tail which flutter during retrieve.

These are some of the lures that prove to be effective. I have catch alot of fishes using these lures. I will try to list the lures I find it to be effective here.

Lucky Kraft Sammy

Lucky Kraft Sammy is one of my favourite surface lure. It has help me land quite a number of fishes and I like the swimming action when luring back the lure. I do strongy recommend this lure.

Lucky Kraft Sammy

Type: Surface

Target fishes: Peacock and Toman

Favourite Colours: Green White

Maria Chase SW

Maria Chase(Saltwater)

Type: Sink about 60cm below the surface

Target fishes: Barracuda and Barramundi

Favourite Colours: Red or Silver

YoZuri Poppers

Yozuri Popper

Type: Popper

Target fishes: Snakehead and Peacock Bass

Favourite Colours: Natural Pearl Blue

Storm Chug Bug

This lure is good for freshwater and saltwater luring. Due to it shiny belly matellic surface, it reflect light into the water which proved unbearable for toman and barracuda.

Storm Chug Bug

Target fishes: Snakehead and Barracuda

Favourite Colours: Doesn't Matter

3D Minnow

3D Minnow

Target fishes: Peacock Bass

Favourite Colours: Natural Pearl Blue

3D Flat Crank

This lure is very effective against grouper. Grouper simply love this lure.

3D Flat CrankMangrove Jack

Target fishes: Peacock Bass and Grouper

Favourite Colours: Natural Pearl Blue & Clear Minnow

Yo-Zuri Surface Cruiser

This lure is a surface cruiser. Because of it's weight and shape, you can cast very far with this lure. Toman cannot keep away from this lure.

Yo-Zuri Surface Cruiser

Target fishes: Snakehead

Favourite Colours: Red/White/Blue

Duel Aile Magnet DB

Duel Aile Magnet DB

Target fishes: Barramundi

Favourite Colours: Pink White

Yo-Zuri Hardcore

Yo-Zuri Hardcore

Target fishes: Grouper

Favourite Colours: Dark Orange

Halco Twisty

Halco Twisty

Target fishes: Most Fishes

Favourite Colours: Gold

Ecogear SX40F

I use this lure to land my first flathead in Australia. Due to the light weight of the lure, you need to pair with minimum line poundage and rod.

Ecogear SX40FFlathead Picture 2

Target fishes: Flathead

Favourite Colours: 338